What is the Gospel? A Study of Colossians


Study the letter to the Colossians and dig deeper into gospel with this 5 day study. There’s more grace and strength for your life. Alli invites you to come with her and find it.


Do you know the gospel in just 10 words? Is it making you stronger today? If you want depth and strength, you need knowledge and access to the full power of the gospel. The short letter to the Colossians stands out in the Bible for its frequent announcement of the gospel and its celebration of the work of Jesus on the cross.

Dig deeper into Colossians with this 5 day study using Alli's 4 step process of understanding scripture. You'll get stronger whether you're new to faith or a long-time Christ follower. Alli will guide you through the letter in its historical context and invite you to hear and believe the good news it brings to your life today. Dig deeper and come out stronger.


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