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Alli loves to talk about Jesus. Just ask her to, and she might not stop for a while.

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Fill out this form to connect with Alli about speaking, teaching or writing requests. Alli loves to teach at live events or services, group or community studies and online events. She creates unique content to illuminate scriptural books and topics. 



Faith is Risk!

Alli will challenge and even push you to jump in order to discover a God who will never let you down. She’s passionate about helping you discover a life of real faith. 


The ‘X-Factor God’

Alli helps you settle convictions about God so that you can stay faithful for living life in a faithless place. Our God is the X-Factor in every situation! 


Screen-time Boundaries

Parents are exhausted chasing screen-time limits! How we see fruit. 


Is God Really Good?

An honest interaction with God from Luke 8. God wants more for you! 


Who is God? And Can We Really Trust Him?

How the Bible is a big story of a trustworthy God bringing us home.


The 2 Words that Saved my Marriage


Colossians: Our Spiritual Clothes.

How to put on a great outfit today!


What Are Your Gifts?