Time to Rebuild – A Study of Haggai


Do this 5 day in depth study of the book of Haggai and begin to rebuild something in your own life.


Haggai is an Old Testament minor prophet who will light a fire under you. If you are making excuses, putting something off or overwhelmed by what's unfinished or in ruins, then God has instruction and encouragement for you in the book of Haggai. It's time to move. Today is the day you can begin to rebuild.

This 5 day study will walk you through this short Old Testament prophet in detail with Alli's 4 step process to studying scripture. It will take you beyond the book of Haggai to help you see where this message fits into history and God's Biblical story. Then you will have the chance each day to hear Haggai's message for yourself and apply it to your own life.

Let's go deeper and study Haggai together. You'll get stronger and be ready to rebuild.


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