DIG Podcast

Dig with Alli Patterson.

Dig Season 1: Esther

Go below the surface of the Bible to discover more of God in His Word. Read scripture with host, Alli Patterson, and come with her in search of the wisdom for your life that is buried there.

Dig BONUS Episodes

Go below the surface of some of the shortest books of the Bible to discover more of God. In books you might be tempted to skip right over, host Alli Patterson will help you dig out deep truths from these tiny writings. You’ve definitely got time to read these, so let’s dig.

IKR Podcast

Alli co-hosted a podcast from 2018-2020 through Crossroads Church. IKR was for real women to explore the issues of real life and faith today. She talks everything on this podcast — reconciling your past, facing tough decisions, work and play, prayer, rest, lies, big confessions, bodies, beauty and so much more. Timeless episodes for all kinds of women.