Book Recommendations

For Study, Reference, Theology

“I get asked all the time to recommend resources and books. I tried not to get too geeky on you here, but here’s a few that impacted me. These are important topics and also have great bang for your buck.” – Alli

From Gospels To Glory: Exploring the New Testament

Introductions, great charts and basic overviews of all the New Testament Books

From Moses to Malachi: Exploring the Old Testament

Same as above for the Old Testament – these are by the same author. Great resources!

Giant 10-Foot Bible Timeline

No timelime is perfect, but this one shows eras of the Bible and where key people, events fit. Helpful!

The End: A Complete Overview of Bible Prophecy and the End of Days

The most understandable Biblical-prophecy book Alli’s ever read.

Delighting in the Trinity

A short read to clarify and celebrate the uniquely Christian view of God. Great read with a group!

Experiencing God: Knowing and Doing the Will of God

A great read to push you to experiment, risk and follow God every day. He’s always at work!

The Meaning of Marriage

“Marriage isn’t meant to make us happy: it’s meant to make us holy.” Game-changer.


So encouraging! Biblical reasons to adopt a not-so-fun discipline and see breakthrough!

From Alli's Friends

“God must know me pretty well because he gave me some friends who are passionate about Jesus, His Word and writing books. Lucky me. These are women in my own life with brains, strength, grit and beauty. I’d recommend every one of them: the women and their books!” -Alli

Beyond Awkward Side Hugs

How we navigate this sex crazed world as men and women together in Christ. So needed!

Grace Looks Amazing on You

A short daily devotional full of God’s beauty, grace and strength for us every day.


Alli read this in on vacation in a day! Lu is a witty and realistic story about a woman figuring out men, family, career and a budding faith in Jesus.

How Sweet the Sound

This is an exploration of old hymns and the gold in them. This will keep your eyes on Jesus.