Read. Listen. Let your faith into your everyday life.

How do we get to know God everyday? And what about dating? Social media? Our kids or careers? We’ve all got our issues to face, and Alli’s a great guide to help you think about how your faith shows up in real life.
These articles and podcasts will help you engage your faith everyday.
Listen, read and build a life you love.

Dig into the Bible

Welcome to the Gospel of John

If you ask someone where to start reading the Bible, they might just tell you the Gospel of John. This book is one of the most popular places to begin considering who Jesus was and how the Bible is a whole story that all points to Him.

What is God’s Name?

God chose his name as carefully as you chose the name of your kids or your pet. He actually has many names through scripture and none of them are “God.” Meet God again today by his real name.

Meet Rahab: The Prostitute God Loved

Rahab was a prostitute in the ancient city of Jericho when she encountered the God of Israel. Her story – found in Joshua 2 – will challenge what you think you know about God.

Connect with Jesus

Should I Get Baptized?

If you’re thinking about baptism then here is an article to help you think through what it means and how it will impact your life. Find out if you’re ready!

Sabbath: Get More of Jesus

God yearns for our attention through a primal practice called Sabbath, but we have trouble embracing the idea of rhythmic periods of rest. Join me for an experiment.

How to Take Your Emotions to Jesus

My process of working through emotion with God.

Fasting – Ugh, the waiting.

I started 2021 with a 3 week fast. I’m still waiting and struggling through the tension of knowing the Lord is faithful and all. the. waiting.

How Jesus did Friendship

You can love everyone, but you can’t love them all the same way! Jesus did relationships in a way that gave life to all the people around him without being burned out or exhausted. Organize your friendships like he did and you’ll be able to do the same!

Wisdom for Life

Why Does God Want my Money?

The Bible says that God wants us to give him the first ten percent of the money we earn. For some of us this feels like a lot!

Don’t Forget to Play!

Sometimes we work so hard that as “grown-ups” we set aside the very important element of play in our lives. Time to recapture it for a beautiful,…

Can I do Yoga?

Can Christians do yoga if its based on other spiritual ideas and practices? “Religion” will always tell you to make hard-and-fast rules about things…

Vulnerability: the Key to Closer Relationships

CHow can we grow our relationships best? Vulnerability. But being vulnerable isn’t easy. Listen to Alli speak to a psychologist about how to grow…

What Makes a Great Party?

Some parties are just better than others. This article gives 5 elements you should consider when you have your next celebration. Doing any of them…