About Alli

Hi I’m Alli. I am a wife, mom, writer and speaker currently serving at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio as a Teaching Pastor. My passion is to equip others to know Jesus through the pages of the Bible and encourage following Him in your real life today. I want you to find both a God and a life you truly love.

I am passionate about helping others build a life on the firm foundation of Jesus’ truth and grace through authentic teaching rooted in Scripture. I’m a lifelong learner with a degree from Dallas Theological Seminary, but my journey into the Bible started with me teaching myself the basics from a 10-foot timeline on my living room floor! (I still get more excited about timelines than most people ever will.) Now I love to invite others to discover their part in the story of God by digging through the written Word and connecting with the Living Word every single day.

I don’t do shallow or fake. Or perfect. I’m a woman still learning how to follow Jesus more deeply everyday myself. I believe a life with Him is much more than a checklist of beliefs: it’s a life of honesty, joy, risk, adventure, and challenge in relationship with a living God.


My Family

I enjoy my life in Cincinnati with my husband, Bill (of 23 years), my four kids (Andrew, Luke, Zoe, and Hope), and one very bratty cat that I usually just call “kitty.” Cincinnati has great neighbors, craft beers, arts and sports. In my house you might hear bad 90s rap and teenagers laughing at my dance moves. I love a good pedicure, a good run and a good book. I make a mean homemade brownie but hate to cook dinner. However, I’d do it every day of the week just to sit around the table, talking and laughing with my family. Thursday date nights with my husband are a highlight of my week – especially if we eat Mexican food. I love being a woman. I believe the world needs women in all the places the Kingdom of God expands so people are loved fully and led well. I want to be a woman who inspires you to more deeply know God and take risks to find out how good He really is.


My Work

My first book is coming in January 2023, and I can’t wait to share it with you. In addition to writing I love to teach, speak and podcast. Communicating the word of God in the midst of real life is what I do. I understand real women. Before pursuing ministry I had a corporate career at Procter & Gamble. (Sweat a lot? I can tell you which brand of deodorant to buy!). I’ve also worked at home for an era with four young babies. I’ve gone back to school while being a mom. I’ve been married for 23 years, so I know what marriages, jobs and families face in the real world. And I believe that facing all that stuff with Jesus is much better than doing it alone. Please get in touch about speaking at your next conference, church, camp, school, or group event; I’d love to be part of it.